More than 40 years' experience

With more than 40 years' experience, the Medi Group is a pioneer in the manufacture and distribution of technical and corporate clothing, as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We have a clear focus on the industrial sector and work with a wide range of Spanish and international customers from SMEs to large multinationals and public bodies.

Our history and current positioning in the market have been made possible by a highly committed team. At Medi we are aware that a company's main value is its human capital, so we are committed to ongoing training as a tool to achieve growth and adapt to a constantly changing and developing market.


Medi has an RDI department that works together with the design and quality departments to meet all of our customers' safety and comfort requirements.

This interaction between departments, together with the application of the latest textile advances, gives us an unbeatable technical structure. Our clothes are tailored to end-users' certification, type approval and labelling requirements.


Our sales and customer service departments are key parts of our company. Our sales team's experience and ongoing training make it highly qualified to meet all needs related to workplace protection and prevention. Our call centre offers real-time solutions through excellent knowledge of the product, analysis of needs and personal treatment.


The design team is responsible for transforming our customers' needs into comfortable, safe and innovative clothing.

We have the latest technological tools for digital pattern design, cutting and tailoring, enabling us to cut production times and control costs.

These resources, together with our own production facilities in Spain, enable us to offer customers the utmost flexibility and quality of service.


Further along the value chain, the operations and logistics team plans and coordinates all the necessary activities to achieve optimal levels of service and quality. We deliver our products where you need them, according to your specific needs, on time and in accordance with the desired conditions.


An increasingly diverse and plural society requires companies to make greater effort in social and environmental issues as an integral part of their business strategy. We actively contribute to the employment of people with disabilities and help companies meet their inclusion obligations. We run a special employment centre as a clothing production plant. Our clothes are thus manufactured in accordance with the principles of the Spanish law on the rights of people with disabilities and their social inclusion [Ley General de los derechos de las personas con discapacidad y de su inclusión social].

In the same way, all of our employees are highly committed to managing waste products such as paper, fabric, plastic and industrial water arising from our clothes' production processes.